Choosing A Humidor For Cigars

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Choosing A Humidor For Cigars

According to Scott Silva, via a file on Cigar Club Lounge Facebook Page, the purpose of a humidor is to keep cigars in an environment that is as close to the native countries as possible. In general, places where cigar tobacco is grown has temperatures in the 70’s and humidity around 70%. That being said, these are the three main considerations of choosing a humidor:

1. You will want a humidor lined with a wood that will expand and contract with fluctuations in humidity. Being naturally resistant to mold is another benefit you will want in the lining of your humidor. To see what Scott suggests, click here.

2, Your humidor will need to have a solid seal.  Without a good seal, your cigars will be in danger of drying out

3. Make sure you get a humidor large enough to hold your current cigars, plus you may want to leave a little room to grow your collection.

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