Meet The Best Cuban Cigar Rollers at Bobalu Cigar Company

Bobalu hires only the best cuban cigar rollers! Meet our team of expert craftsmen (and women!) committed to delivering you the absolute finest hand made cigars you can buy anywhere. Many of our Torcedors actually worked in some of the world’s best cuban cigar factories before coming to Bobalu Cigar Company.

Meet Bobalu's Best Cuban Cigar RollersCuban Cigar Roller MiguelCuban Cigar Roller ArmandoBobalu Cigar Roller DerrickCuban Cigar Roller PedroBobalu Cigar Roller RobbinCuban Cigar Roller TitaCuban Cigar Roller AlexCuban Cigar Roller IbrahimBobalu Cigar Roller JoshuaCuban Cigar Roller Damariz

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