Trump Tweet Sends One Cigar’s Sales Skyrocketing

Donald J Trump Victory Cigar

Stogie flying off the shelves…

Bobalu Cigar Company of Austin, TX is having a hard time keeping their Trump Collectible Victory Cigars Series #1 and #2 in stock.

“This year marks our 20th anniversary, and we’ve made election victory cigars since George Bush,” says Bobalu owner Jeff Lipton. “But we’ve never sold any President’s cigar as quickly as the Trump cigars. It seems that every time he Tweets something, our sales go through the roof!”.

Announcing Series 2 Trump Inauguration Edition Cigars

This week will be the biggest week ever because of the inauguration and Bobalu recently released the Series 2 Trump Inauguration Edition Cigars to commemorate the big day . Borrowing a line of a famous election joke, Lipton urges everybody to “Order early, and order often”!

“I see many orders for multiple boxes. Customers are buying some to save in their humidor and also to give as gifts”.

Finally, Lipton cautions not to wait too long and to be patient. “We’ve been gearing up for this and have increased our production of the Trump Collector Cigars several times. Today, we’re in stock, tomorrow could be a different story!”

Learn more about the Trump Collector Cigars Series #1 and #2 at

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