Our New Website Is A Big Deal For You!

New Website Special: A Big Deal For You!


You asked for it, now you’ve got it. A few weeks ago during Bobalu’s Grand Opening, we offered Bundles of Cigars for out local customers at a blow out special price. Now, we are opening up this amazing special to our online customers!

Huge Savings on your favorite White, Yellow and Black Labels (actual savings over 70% on some sticks!).

Hurry and order now, because these bundles are only available until supplies last and this special deal won’t be around for another year.

BTW… We’re also giving away a FREE Limited Edition Culebra on all orders over $125 (while supplies last), so hurry up and order now!

Looking For The Best Cigar Shop?


Looking For The Best Cigar Shop?

No typical overpriced and stale cigars, only a huge stock of great-tasting cigars from the most exotic tobaccos to the largest selection of shapes, sizes and blends available anywhere north of Havana.

All Bobalu cigars are made using our finest long filler from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras as well as our already famous Dominican Vintage 1991.

Our extensive inventory of the finest wrapper leaf in the world includes Sumatran, Cameroon Maduro, Vintage Habana 98, Habana 2000, Corojo, Brazilian Maduro, Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

The fact is, combining great tobacco with truly experienced Cuban Cigar Rollers making handmade cigars in small batches equals GREAT CIGARS!

Bobalu currently makes 12 different lines of custom cigars. We like to think of ourselves as the micro-brewery of the cigar business, better cigars for a factory direct price.

For more information, check us out here or call 1-888-33-CIGAR.

Window Blinds Make All The Difference!

Window Blinds Make All The Difference!Window Blinds Make All The Difference!

Environment is one of the most important aspects of keeping our Cigars fresh and in good condition here at Bobalu Cigar Co. Thanks to our Friends at Southern Shutters & Blinds, the environment at our new store is not only great for our cigars, it is comfortable for our customers to come in and have a smoke in our lounge.

To show their appreciation, Southern Shutters & Blinds is offering Bobalu Customers (just like you!) a WHOPPING 15% Discount on qualifying window coverings such as shutters, blinds, shades, window film and more.  But you have to call them right now because the offer is only valid for the next seven days.

So, if you need high quality window coverings, now is the time to call Southern Shutters & Blinds and tell them that Bobalu sent you!

Win $1000 Window Coverings!

Also, Southern Shutters & Blinds is currently running their famous Ugly Window Contest!  You can enter right now simply by clicking this link:

Yes! I want to get rid of my Ugly Window!

For more information, visit Southern Shutters & Blinds Website or call 512-931-0400.


Smoke A Cigar With Us Under The Stars Tonight!

Smoke a Cigar with Bobalu at Third Base AustinCome hangout and smoke a cigar with Bobalu tonight at Third Base Southpark Meadows! We will be hand-rolling Factory Fresh Bobalu Cigars especially for you and your friends.

Prizes, Giveaways, Specials and more. Grab your friends, watch the games and join us for a one of kind Bobalu Smoke!

October, 15, 2014
Third Base
Southpark Meadows
9600 S IH 35
Austin, TX 78748
6PM – 9PM

Tools To Become A Cigar Roller

cigar rollers tools

Tools To Become A Cigar Roller

When it comes to rolling a cigar, Bobalu Cigar Company is your number one resource for cigar rollers equipment and training.

Professional Cigar Rollers Tools are an integral part in the cigar making process. Our Pro Cigar rolling Equipment meets the demands of Cigar manufacturers for long blade life, rugged construction and ease of operation. All rollers equipment is professional grade.

Cigar Rolling can also be a lucrative business. We’ve been training professional cigar rollers for more than 15 years at our Austin, TX location. There is no place in the United States that you will get this specialized, hands on experiece. If you’re interested in private training, call Jeff today at 888-CIGAR, or email jeff@bobalu.com for more information.

Best Promotions

Best promotions

Best Promotions

What a better way to promote your brand than with a Custom Label Cigar! It’s easy, affordable and will leave that terrific lasting impression that you are looking for.

Bobalu Cigar Co. will provide you with Custom Labels FREE of charge when you purchase a box of Cigars. All you have to do is pick up the phone and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.

For more information, visit our website or call 1-888-33-CIGAR.

Custom Cigar Boxes

custom label cigars

Custom Cigar Boxes

When you order a box of cigars from Bobalu Cigar Co., you can get FREE Custom Labels for the Cigars and for the Cigar Box! Add the fact that these are fresh, premium, hand rolled cigars at factory direct prices and you can’t go wrong!

Visit our  website or call 1-888-33-CIGAR for more information.

Custom Promotional Items

custom promotional cigars

Custom Promotional Items

What a better way to promote your business than with Custom Label Cigars? It’s easy, you buy a box of cigars  and we customize them for FREE!

Private label cigars are great for that special occasion, corporate event, golf tournament or just that perfect gift for your favorite cigar smoking client. All custom label cigars are banded with your own private label, individually wrapped in cellophane and beautifully boxed. Don’t be fooled by competitors. low quality custom cigars made with low cost bundles or seconds.

Visit our website and call 1-888-33-CIGAR for more information.

Birth Announcement Cigars

birth announcement cigars

Birth Announcement Cigars

When you’re about to have a new addition to your family, there is no better way to celebrate the arrival than with Custom Label Cigars!

Not only will Bobalu provide you with fresh, premium,  hand rolled cigars, they will also make your custom label for free when you purchase a box of cigars. We make the process easy, all you do is call 1-888-33-CIGAR for details.

Best Golf Cigars

factory direct

Best Golf Cigars

According to Michael Konik in an older edition of Cigar Aficionado, a fine cigar and a game of golf seem to complement each other like rare rack of lamb and a mature Merlot. It just seems a natural pairing, being outdoors, relaxing on the course and enjoying a great smoke. Some may swear that smoking a cigar while golfing helps improve their game!

As far as choosing the right cigar for your round of golf, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. First, make sure that the cigar is easy to light and will burn well. Another choice you will need to make is the size. How long do you want your cigar to last? Would you like to have more than one cigar during your round? Then choose the strength and boldness of your cigar. If you’re new to cigar smoking, you may want to stick with a milder tobacco so as not to get overwhelmed.

The good news is that Bobalu Cigar Co. has an excellent staff who will walk you through choosing the best cigars for you! You can’t go wrong with our cigars as they are Premium, Expertly Hand Rolled Daily by our Cuban Cigar Rollers and are delivered in humidified packs.

Also, if you’re having a special round, you can order custom label cigars for the occasion. Click here for the details.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1-888-33-CIGAR and check out Bobalu.com.