Custom Labels For Cigars

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Custom Labels For Cigars

Free Custom Labels
Buy any box of cigars $75.00/up and we will customize your cigars FREE! You pay only for the cigars and save!

Cigar Labels
Bobalu does all labels in house. We send a digital proof for approval then print in full color.We can use your art, design or photo or design one for you. FREE!

Cigar Boxes
Your Bobalu cigars will be beautifully presented in cedar boxes of 25. Each cigar is individually cellophoned and factory sealed for freshness.Your design will be on both the inside and outside of the box.

Fastest Turnaround
Bobalu has the fastest service in the business, period. Our 1-2 day turnaround is unheard of in this industry. Don’t be surprised to receive your custom wedding cigars the same week you order them.Our service and quality are second to none.

Bobalu has the best customer service. Call us and we actually answer the phone. We have been manufacturing cigars for over 17 years. Need something special, chances are Bobalu can do it!

Which Is The Best Humidor?


Which Is The Best Humidor?

One of the most important aspects of being an avid cigar smoker is keeping your cigars in good shape. Choosing a well built humidor is the best way to ensure that your investment of cigars will stay fresh until you are ready to smoke them.

First, decide how many cigars you want to store. Consider how many cigars you already have, then decide if you want a little extra room to grow your collection. Next, when looking at humidors, check for a tight seal. The easiest way to check a Humidor’s seal, is to lift the lid about three to four (3-4) inches, then release the lid and let it fall closed. It should make a “whoosh” sound.

If you are satisfied with the seal, then check to see if the liner is Spanish Cedar that has been kiln dried. Lastly, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable cigar shop, like Bobalu Cigar Co.!


A Look At The Production Line

production line

A Look At The Production Line

How can you tell when your cigars are fresh? That’s easy, just come to Bobalu Cigar Co. and watch your cigars being produced right in front of your eyes! If you can’t come into one of our locations, you can always watch our rollers on our Cigar Roller Webcam.

Best Flavored Cigars In The Making

best flavored cigars

Best Flavored Cigars In The Making

Made in house by our very own Lori, these small flavored cigars are sure to delight! The only problem is, it’s difficult to make a decision with all these flavors to choose from:

Vanilla, Whiskey, Black Cherry, Cognac, Chocolate, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Grand Marnier, Spiced Rum, Coffee Liqueur, Cinnamon

Available in singles or bundles of 25. Order now!


Check Out The Cigar Factory In Austin

cigar factory 2

Check Out The Cigar Factory In Austin

That’s right, this isn’t just some cigar shop where they sell overpriced, stale cigars. Nor is it some stuffy, expensive members only cigar lounge. It is a full fledged cigar factory with rolling and production happening right in front of you. To top it off, you can enjoy your cigar in our friendly lounge area while you’re here!

So what are you waiting for? Come on by today and experience the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service available, anywhere!



Invasion Of The Canadians


Invasion Of The Canadians

Bobalu Cigar Co. celebrated their Grand Opening of the second location this past Saturday. There was a pizza truck, deals, prizes and special guests. Coming all the way from Alberta, Canada was Dwight Gelowitz and his wife, Colleen. Dwight is working behind the scenes on the new Bobalu website which will be launching soon. He has been so enthused about his work and learning about Bobalu, he just couldn’t stay away from the party! We were very honored to have both of you celebrating with us! Be sure to come back soon!

Keep checking back, as there will be more pictures from the celebration as well as updates on the new website.


Grand Opening Event Going on Now!

Bobalu Cigar Company Austin TX New Store SpecialIt’s True! Bobalu Cigar Company has just opened our second store at 8501 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757!

Come join us today (and everyday this week :) because we have tons of Specials, Contests, and fun things happening all the time.

Let’s get it started with a HUGE DEAL… $65 Bundles on all shapes and sizes.

Available only at our new location!

Quantities are limited… First Come, First Serve so HURRY ON OVER!


What’s Your Favorite Type Of Cigars?


What’s Your Favorite Type Of Cigars?

How about Factory Direct and Made Fresh Daily? Bobalu Cigar Co. makes over 25 types of cigars, everything from mild to wild and in between. Our highly skilled Cuban Cigar Rollers work daily at producing the finest, freshest cigars you can find!

Not only can you find any type of premium cigar you would want, you can get Free Custom Labels made for that special gift or occasion (with minimum order), or hire a cigar roller to entertain at  your special event.

There’s just nothing else like Bobalu Cigar Co.!

What Makes Bobalu The Best Cigar Store?


Bobalu best cigar shop

What Makes Bobalu The Best Cigar Store?

Bobalu Cigar Co. has been around for over 17 years. Those who know Bobalu, love Bobalu! For those of you who are looking for the best cigar store…you’ve found us! So what makes Bobalu the best cigar store?

– Bobalu manufacturers all their own lines of cigars

– When buying cigars from Bobalu, you are dealing direct with the manufacturer. No middlemen or stale, overpriced cigars.

– Bobalu has a huge stock of great-tasting cigars from the most exotic tobaccos to the largest selection of shapes, sizes and blends available anywhere north of Havana!

– All Bobalu cigars are made using our finest long filler from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras as well as our extensive wrapper inventory selections which include, Sumatran, Cameroon Maduro, Habana98, Criollo, Corojo, Brazilian Maduro, Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

– Many of our Cigar Rollers were trained in Cuban and Dominican Cigar Factories before they moved to Austin, TX.

– FREE Custom Labels on your cigars with the purchase of any box or bundle ($75.00 and up).

– Did we mention our cigars are rolled fresh daily?

– Bobalu now has two Austin Locations and we continue to offer our extensive collection in our online store.

What are you waiting for? Check us out now!