Are There Health Benefits Of Cigar Smoking?

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Are There Health Benefits Of Cigar Smoking?

I know, it’s a little hard to believe but some believe there are health benefits to smoking cigars. Dr. William Campbell Douglass II once voted “Doctor of the Year” by the National Health Federation says, “When practiced in moderation, smoking can load you up with health benefits you never imagined possible.”

According to Dr. Douglass, there are mountains of evidence that smoking can:

• Slash your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
• Improve your memory and concentration
• Help prevent thyroid, breast, and skin cancer
• Produce new blood vessel growth around blocked arteries

Here at Bobalu Cigar Co., we want to help improve the quality of your life and your health. So checkout our site now and discover our hand rolled premium cigars made fresh daily. You’ll be glad you did!

Credit: Stogie News: Smoking Cigars Can Improve Your Health?

Cuban Refugee Crafters Making Legal Cigars in Austin, TX

Best Cuban Cigar Crafters are at

News Release

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Cuban Refugee Crafters
Making Legal Cigars in Austin, TX

Local Charity and Business Form Downtown Alliance That Delivers
Winning Combination For Cuban Refugees and the Cigar Discerning Smoker

Austin, TX — April, 2014

This year marks the 50th anniversary for Caritas, an Austin charity that serves over 20,000 people per year in its quest to eliminate poverty and homelessness.

One of the more interesting relationships Caritas has formed over the years is with the Bobalu Cigar Company,  a downtown merchant and operator of the highly popular online cigar shop.

Jeff Lipton, owner of Bobalu, tells the story of a successful pairing 17 years ago, that has been repeated several times:

“We were in our first year of business,” explains Lipton. “Four recent University of Texas grads trying to grab our piece of the cigar craze.  We had the right idea, hand rolling factory fresh cigars right before our customers’ eyes. But let’s face it, nobody believed that we had any real cigar rolling experience; and our product kind of showed it!”

Then came that fateful call from a savvy Caritas associate.

“We have a Cuban refugee with us who used to roll cigars for Romeo Y Julietta (a popular Cuban cigar brand).  He needs employment. Can you help?”

Lipton, wanting to demonstrate responsible business management, agreed to interview the candidate and audition him as a roller.

“You could have heard our jaws hit the floor!” Laughs Lipton. “Armando came over, sat at our rolling station and proceeded to roll the most gorgeous, elegant cigars I have ever seen.  I had no idea how to tell him he had the job, but I’m sure he knew it from our excitement!”

That successful Caritas/Bobalu winning combination has been repeated several times over the years as many more Cuban crafters have found their way to 509 E. Sixth Street in Austin, TX.

You can watch these expert cigar rollers online on Bobalu’s uniqe “Roller Cam”,  

Discerning cigar smokers that want to experience a truly unique cigar can also order factory fresh cigars from and have them shipped anywhere in the United States and to military bases around the world (Hint: Bobalu cigars make a wonderful gift for your favorite soldier serving overseas!)

“You just can’t find a legal Cuban hand-rolled, factory fresh cigar like ours anywhere else,” beams Lipton. “And I owe a lot of that to Caritas! Happy Anniversary, Caritas, and congratulations on all of your remarkable achievements.”

Learn more about Caritas at and Bobalu at .  ”Like” Bobalu’s Facebook page at

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What Makes These Cigar Rollers So Good?

cigar rolling student

What Makes These Cigar Rollers So Good?

Bobalu Cigar Company presents Cigar Rollers School. This intensive seven (7) day course is geared toward the cigar industry and those wanting to bring back  cigar rolling skills to their  own shop. Classes are on a one to one basis and instruction will be provided by highly experienced cigar rollers. We will teach  you both the Cuban as well as the Dominican style of cigar   making. This course will teach you every aspect of the cigar rolling process from selecting and  blending the leaf to box presentation after completion of the final wrapper phase. You will roll   cigar in our heavily trafficked window on Austin’s famous 6th Street  as your final test before you “graduate”.

This is a “can’t miss” investment and an absolute must for the serious cigar entrepreneur or store owner. The payoff is increased traffic, customer appeal, and  higher margins. Set yourself   apart from the competition. We have already taken the risk and proven that it is worth its weight in gold. Now is your chance to cash  in and turbo charge your business.

Cigar Molds, cutting boards, chavetas (cigar cutting “knife”), glue, cigar presses, and all other related equipment available at market price. Filler, binder, and  wrapper leaf, along with factory  rolled cigars using the same blends of tobacco, are also available.

For more information on Cigar rollers school contact Jeff Lipton

Toll free 1-888-33-CIGAR or Email

Is This Golf Cigar Guy The Most Interesting Man In Golf?

golf cigar guy

Is This Golf Cigar Guy The Most Interesting Man In Golf?

Bobalu Cigar Co. is a big fan of integrating Cigars with great activities, such as golf. What could possibly be better than hitting the greens on a beautiful day with one of your favorite stogies, right? Well, we found this article about a pro golfer who understands the great pleasure of combining this sport with his cigars. We thought you might enjoy reading more about Miguel Angel Jimenez in the excerpt:

“In a sport seized by devotees of strength and cardio training, one of the names on the Masters leader board frequently has a glass of fine wine from his homeland before playing 18 holes of competitive golf. He always has a fat cigar dangling from his lips on the practice green.”  For the rest of the story, click here!


To find your own premium hand rolled cigars to take on your next golf outing, shop here now!

Who Would Have Thought? A Rechargeable USB Lighter…

usb lighter chrome

Who Would Have Thought? A Rechargeable USB Lighter…

The world’s first rechargeable lighter that incorporates lithium battery and heating element technology. Flameless, no fuel required, durable in any weather condition, up to 75 lights when fully charged! Colors may vary

USB Deluxe Lighter plugs into any USB powered port, charging takes approximately one hour. Since Ignite does not contain a flame or fuel, it is does not require special shipping or storage like other butane lighters. Over 1.5 billion lighters end up in landfills each year. Help reduce your carbon footprint by converting to the revolutionary lighter by Ignite, it’s the only lighter you’ll ever need to buy.

Famous Cigar Smoking Comedians

cigar smoking comedians

Famous Cigar Smoking Comedians 

Here at Bobalu Cigar Co., we love a good laugh and what could be better than laughing while enjoying a cigar? Check out this article on Comedians who understand the love we have for cigars!

Cigar Advisor Magazine has published an article in this month’s feature section, entitled,Comedians and Their Love Affair with Cigars Through the Years. Written by Joe Baker, readers will get a peek into the lives of comedians such as Groucho Marx, George Burns, Bill Cosby and more.

“Groucho is quite possibly the most famous and loved of all the comedians who smoked cigars,” writes Mr. Baker. “One of Groucho’s famous quotes, ‘A woman is an occasional pleasure, but a cigar is always a smoke,’ is an underlying tell at just how much he truly loved cigars. For Groucho, who started in Vaudeville, it wasn’t just shtick. In fact, Groucho’s first wife hated his cigar habit so much she demanded he quit smoking or find a new wife.

Credits: Cigar Advisor Publishes Article on Cigar Smoking Comedians – PR Web (press release)

Planning An Event This Summer?

Bad Pants Open- Bobalu Cigar Rollers -  Hill Country Golf - Cigar Rollers at your Golf Tournament

Planning An Event This Summer?

Bobalu has been the hit of the party for over 17 years now! Our rollers have been at all types of events including weddings, corporate events, golf outings, motorcycle rallies and well, you name it, we’ve been there! So if you’re looking to add something amazing to your next event, give Jeff a call at 1-888-33-CIGAR.  You can also check out our website here.

In the meantime, we found this great article about planning an outdoor event. Here are the highlights:

1. Increase satisfaction. Attendees love events under the stars and in the sun and fresh air.
2. Be creative. Utilize the natural landscape and scenery to create a fun, exciting or exotic theme for your event.
3. Enjoy both night and day. Nighttime events are always special but a daytime event at the right venue can be exceptional.
4. Make a quick recovery. Look for high-end artificial turf and an extensive drainage system to assure that no mud or puddles and very quick recovery in case of rain.
5. Get the power. Try to find outdoor venues with “power drop boxes” that prevent visible cords from running across walking and dining areas to connect to indoor plugs.
6. Let there be fire. People tend to gather near fire pits or fountains and they often come with an interesting design and built-in seating.
7. Use a tent. Create a more intimate atmosphere, seclude a speaker, contain noise level or prevent any weather concerns with a tent.
8. Eat well. Use a smoker to fill the air with the smell of a barbeque, fireworks, food trucks or host a sporting event. The sky is the limit!
9. Take a bathroom break. Look for outdoor venues that have convenient bathroom locations.
10. Just in case…Be flexible and creative when dealing with weather conditions. Look for a back-up plan but consider a tent or changing your theme to make everything come together.

Credits: Top 10 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event – Successful Meetings

Cigar Smoking Benefits

cigar, cigars, benefits, smoking, tobacco, cigar smoking, Hunger Eliminator, Conversation Enhancer, Camaraderie, Problem Solver, Relaxing


1) Relaxing – There are very few things in life more relaxing than smoking a cigar. That’s just a fact. A cigar at the end of the worst day has the power to single handedly change your perspective and make things right.

2) Problem Solver – Got a problem to solve? A good cigar will help. I have solved many a problem in life over a good cigar. Perhaps it’s the relaxing qualities of the cigar, or maybe it’s something else, but a good cigar enhances your ability to think clearly and reason.

3) Camaraderie – the solitude of smoking a cigar by yourself is nice sometimes, but there is nothing like enjoying the company of other cigar enthusiasts when you smoke a cigar. There is a unique bond between cigar guys and it’s easy to strike up a conversation, even if you have never met them before.

4) Conversation Enhancer – conversations are just plain better when you are smoking cigars. No matter who you’re with, the conversation is more interesting, enjoyable, funny, and fruitful when you’re all enjoying a cigar.

5) Hunger Eliminator – I’m a big guy and I could stand to skip a few meals from time to time. It’s a proven fact that smoking cigars can have the effect of reducing your appetite. I often smoke a cigar when I get hungry to lessen hunger pangs or make it easier to eat less. And it works. It’s a natural diet supplement!

Credits: Five Benefits of Cigar Smoking | Sex, Cigars & Booze Lifestyle



Bobalu’s Hot Pick

hot picks

Bobalu’s Hot Pick

Hot picks are here. See Bobalu’s most popular items. Bobalu cigar co. pride itself on providing great deals, specials, blowouts and freebies to our customers to enhance your shopping experience. In addition to our factory direct prices on our cigars, our deals allow you to try hot picks and new products, at great prices. Hot picks change regularly and are limited so don’t wait. Check out our ever changing Hot Picks!

Case Study: Brick and Click Success Despite Retail Industry Challenges

Bobalu Cigar Company brick and click success despite retail challenges

News Release

for immediate release

Case Study: Brick and Click Success
Despite Retail Industry Challenges

Cigar retailer conquers mounting regulations and
online restrictions to post record sales!

Austin, TX — April, 2014

Jeff Lipton, owner of  “brick and click” superstar Bobalu Cigar Company and knows a thing or two about succeeding despite retail industry challenges and tobacco regulations stacked against him.

“I do believe I’m in one of the most difficult categories,” says Lipton.  “In many places it has become easier to sell marijuana than it is to sell cigars!”

Lipton is no stranger to succeeding in tough times.  Located on Austin’s famed 6th Street, Bobalu recently celebrated it’s 17th anniversary, and sales last year were nearly triple what they were just 3 years ago.  Their success can be chalked up to a combination of quality product (their factory-fresh, hand rolled cigars are made in the front of the store), as well as cultivating a huge (and still growing) community of world-wide loyalists and social media fans.

The popularity of Bobalu’s Facebook page and online store are also big contributors to the overall success.  Lipton employs clever marketing and social media techniques that engage cigar enthusiasts that love both Bobalu Cigars as well as the “Bobalu Lifestyle”.

This too, is steeped in challenges, as both Facebook and Google prohibit advertising of tobacco products.  Even so, Bobalu continues to attract throngs of new customers and fans that are introduced by friends, family and cigar aficionados eager to spread the word.

Lipton shares his advice for small businesses, like his, that battle the daily obstacles and challenges.

“You have to let your passion shine through, and wear your heart on your sleeve.  It’s humbling to see the extraordinary lengths that my awesome customers will go through to champion Bobalu’s cause.  I have the greatest customers in the world.”Learn more about Bobalu at and “Like” Bobalu’s Facebook page at

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